With almost 50 years’ experience as specialists in parliamentary and political monitoring, Randall’s Monitoring provides clients with a focused, highly personal service to help them navigate the fast-changing world of politics and public affairs. We monitor Westminster, Whitehall and the devolved administrations, informing our clients of developments that might impact their work, or of areas that they may wish to influence. Our small team is what makes our service so well regarded and successful.

Equality, diversity and inclusion 

As a small team-focussed company, Randall’s strives to involve all employees in making sure our policies and procedures are ethical. This includes promoting a work environment that fosters collaboration, openness and providing opportunities for everyone in the team to help improve the service through their own ideas and experiences. As an organisation we recognise that there is always more work to be done; as such we are always looking for innovative ideas and we regularly review our procedures to improve our work-place practices and positively contribute towards environmental, social and corporate governance.  

Randall’s is a small business (fewer than 15 employees), but we are nevertheless committed to continuously working towards the principles of equal opportunity for all employees, to providing a quality working environment and to opposing all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment. These principles apply in all Randall’s processes, including recruitment, training, renumeration, promotion and termination of employment. As an equal opportunity employer, people are judged solely on their merit and we aim to prioritise diversity and inclusion. We strongly believe in respecting the skills and perspectives offered by the team and will actively encourage and support every team member in their development to access progression opportunities. The senior leadership team is responsible for taking all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination and harassment and will take appropriate action if necessary. At the same time, each and every employee has an obligation to make a positive contribution towards engendering an environment of equal opportunity throughout the business. 

We have also taken steps to actively encourage the wellbeing of Randall’s employees. Our work model allows colleagues to take advantage of choosing different shift patterns, when available, to suit their needs and foster a better work-life balance. Since becoming a remote business: we have also allowed colleagues to be flexible on their work location and many have taken the opportunity to move outside of London. Finally, we offer two annual wellbeing days where colleagues can choose an activity of their choice with part of the cost funded by Randall’s. 

We are always excited to hear from people who would like to join our team.  Current vacancies are below.