Queen’s Speech 2022

Short briefing detailing Parliamentary procedure for the Queen's Speech, including the ceremony itself, how the speech is debated in the Commons and the Lords, and when other Parliamentary business resumes. 

Spring Statement 2022 – background briefing

On Wednesday 23 March, the Chancellor will deliver his Spring Statement to the House of Commons. This short briefing provides an overview of the context of this year’s Statement and pulls together various stakeholder comments and submissions published in recent weeks.

The Scottish Budget 2022-2023

The Scottish Budget process is markedly different from that of Westminster, and this note explains that process and looks at some of the demands put forward by stakeholders.

What are Business Questions in the Commons?

What are business questions?
Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

Health and Care Bill – Second Reading briefing

The government's Health and Care Bill was read for a second time in the Commons on 14 July 2021 - this is the summary our clients received a few hours later.